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Our Team

Executive Chef Krisztián Huszár's daring dishes guarantee a unique culinary experience.

Our Team

Krisztián Huszár's name may be familiar to many who are passionate about fine-dining. Undoubtedly one of the most unique chef characters in Hungarian gastronomy, Krisztián brings extensive experience, dynamic dedication and immense creativity to the kitchen. He has worked at three Michelin-starred restaurants in the Basque Country - twice - for Martín Berasategui. He has started several exceptionally high quality restaurants in Hungary, including MÁK, Zóna, Beszálló and Fáma, and has gone on to start his own equally popular places, first under the name Szirom, and then Vietnámigulyás, a crowd-pleaser with Asian flavours.

The creator of our cakes, pastries and desserts is our master pastry chef, Zsanett Várkonyi, who makes high quality and fantasy-rich sweets with brilliant creativity - on the plates of SHO restaurant and SHO café.


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