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The SHO restaurant, bar & cafè as part of the SHO systems, together with SHO BEACH and MÁK terrace, offers outstanding high quality, varied gastronomic and recreational opportunities.

Since the beginning of July 2021, SHO BEACH welcomes guests looking for a first-class beach experience and genuine relaxation on the shores of Lágymányos Bay. As Budapest's first natural water beach with a sandy waterfront, cozy sunbeds and an real beach atmosphere, it offers nature-based recharging in the neighbourhood of the city centre. MÁK terrace beach bar with fine streetfood, specialty coffees, cocktails and drink specialities completes the relaxation.

SHO restaurant, bar & cafè opened its doors on 1 December 2022 as an oasis of culinary delights: fine bistro cuisine, selected wines and drink specialities, in Buda-part square above SHO BEACH, to offer a contemporary, clean, unique environment for a body and soul treating gastronomic experience.

In a co-production between executive chef Krisztián Huszár and head chef Gábor Soóky, we bring mainly Hungarian and European-based flavours adding subtle but not self-serving twists, while evoking the home-style flavours of our childhood. In addition to a wide range of quality drinks, wines, beers and cocktails, our bar offers a separate bar menu and snacks. Our cafè provides freshly made sandwiches, salads, pastries, juices and Bagira specialty coffee.

SHO restaurant, bar & cafè is located in the centre of the BudaPart district, at 3 Buda-part Square, next to the Kopaszi Dam.


An oasis of culinary delights in Buda's new quarter, next to the Kopaszi Dam, at BudaPart.